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The Tenkara Wish List 2015

The Tenkara Wish List 2015

by December 5, 2015 0 comments

 December has crept up on us here at Tenkara Grasshopper Media Services and we are now finding out how truly unprepared we are for this season of giving (and receiving, if we are so lucky). The little man in our lives is still too young to understand the whole concept of Santa and his helpful little minions yet we are sharing our belief in Santa to garner a level of excitement never before seen till now.

You won’t find an Elf on the Shelf anywhere in our humble home although you might find an elf under the bed or even in bed with you. So it still means you have to avoid being naughty and make darn sure you are being nice. (Which by the way, I am being very good this year.

I know this comes late, but I thought it would be nice to share my wish list for this year to give you a few ideas for items that would be awesome to add to my plethora of tenkara gear or to add to yours or that of a significant other.

The Wish List

A Day of Tenkara with a Friend or My Wife: Tenkara USA came out with one of the cooler ideas I have seen in a long time and this is one of those gifts that costs nothing but the sharing of a passion for tenkara and being outdoors. You can print a copy of the coupon and stick this under the tree for that special someone Christmas morning. I would love to have my wife give me one of these so that we can share a day together and she can see what I love so much about her and tenkara.

Fishing Coupon, Tenkara USA

The Keeper from Tenkara USA: Earlier this year Tenkara USA came out with a rather innovative line management tool known as The Keeper. Tenkara is about simplicity of gear and this is one tool that truly knocks your gear needs down to a minimum by functioning not just as a line holder but also as a tippet spool and fly box all in one convenient package. The Keeper will hold two lines, possibly a level line and a furled line if you don’t wish to use it as a tippet spool. There is a convenient pocket located on the side of the Keeper that allows you to carry a few kebari conveniently at hand. When you are moving from one spot on the river to another there is a way to keep your line rigged with a fly allowing you to spool up and collapse your rod if you so desire.


The Vedavoo Tightlines Sling Pack:Vedavoo Better American Gear has designed a sling pack for the minimalist mindset found in tenkara. The Tightlines Sling is designed to stay in place while on your back by resting on your non-dominant side. I have used this pack as my guide pack when I am out with clients as I tend to carry a bit more gear. I also use this pack for those days when I am going a little further than usual from the car. Being ultraweight and fully functional no matter the conditions make this a definite go-to bag and one I won’t be leaving home without any time soon.


Simple Flies By Morgan Lyle: With the colder weather many anglers move indoors to replenish their fly boxes for the following season. There are plenty of websites, videos, and instrucional books available for the intrepid fly tier in any family. Then there are books that hit the shelf and make a fly tying addict like myself do a double-take when I see them. Morgan Lyle made me do just that with his new book on how to tie “Simple Flies” with a minimum of materials and time investment needs. Using clearly thought out text and images he guides the fledgling as well as experienced fly tier through a number of awesome patterns that could work for any angler.


Takénobu Cello Music: I am constantly searching for that new artist who catches my interest with something sonically different. Takénobu is one such musician who has definitely hooked me into his presentation of music using a cello. I am not sure I can call it classical music or new age but either way it is music that adds an ambient sound to my environment and keeps things super fresh. Every time I hear a song he has written, my mind slows and I want to delve deeper into his experience behind the cello. Takénobu is tenkara and tenkara is Takénobu.


World Peace and Love for Your Fellow Man: Lastly, and maybe most importantly I would love to see world peace prevail and see every man and woman love their fellow human beings. There is such hate and apathy in this world that brings humans to the level of uncivilized animals. Family comes first in all matters, overriding any and all other needs or wants. As long as my unconditional love for my family flourishes, no matter the trials and tribulations that might occur, I can be a happy person!!!

Before I go spend some quality time with my family as I hope you do as well I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Merry or Happy Kwanza, or just a Happy Holidays to you and yours.

P.S. By clicking on any of the images you will be taken directly to items that can be purchased from the creator of each item or an online retailer. 

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