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Tenkara Resolutions 2017

Tenkara Resolutions 2017

by December 31, 2016 2 comments

A new year looms just over the horizon and with it comes the ever-present list of New Year’s Resolutions. Invariably, at least 90 percent of these resolutions will be broken. But, knowing this, I still find myself looking forward to completing my tenkara resolutions in 2017.

Tenkara Resolutions 2017

Reader Interactions


With a new year and a new Tenkara Grasshopper website, one of my primary tenkara resolutions in 2017 is to provide a massive amount of new content to you, dear reader. I would like to see an increase in not just the number of posts that I provide. I am looking forward to creating an increased level of interaction with all of you through comments and discussions.

My post list is getting longer each and every day and my goal is to provide a steady stream of content not seen here before. I will be increasing my focus on the beginning tenkara angler. Along with the beginner topics I will also be covering a number of advanced techniques as well. I am not going to forget about those with more experience than I have at the same time.


I am looking into offering a number of products geared toward the tenkara angler. I am still working out the details of what these items might be. If you have any suggestions of items you would like to be able to get  your hands on let me know. Contact me or leave a message in this post.

River Time

Spend time with my tenkara friends

Last year (2016) was a year in which I feel that I neglected many of you. This is a very small but growing community and I want to get to know you all better. If it were not for all of you, I would not even be writing this at this moment! I have those friends who live near me who I want to continually spend time with and those that I am getting to know better. I also want to reconnect with some of those who are new to my little tenkara world.

Now, let me be clear that much of the neglect of my friends has been because of a good reason, or two, or three.

I have an amazing wife who married my sorry butt in 2012. Through the good and the bad she has been there for me. I hope that she finds the same things from me. Pray for her and her parents for taking me in as a part of their family. Along with my lovely wife I have two of the most amazing children in the entire world.

Watching my son become progressively more independent both physically and mentally has been absolutely awesome to observe.

Then there is our little peanut who has been blossoming into an amazing little girl. It has been truly awesome watching her take her first steps. As she grows, her language is also growing with one of my favorites being “uh-oh!” Teething and diapers are an experience everyone should get at least once just to say they have had the experience.

Tenkara Techniques

Learning and perfecting my tenkara techniques will be a major focus of the 2017 season for me. There are so many great tenkara anglers and an infinite number of techniques that I am driven to learn about. Learning new techniques and perfecting old techniques will do more than just make me a better angler, they will also make me a better guide.

During the process of being a better tenkara angler and guide will allow me to share and teach more about tenkara. I will be able to share my experiences with you as well. Hopefully by sharing my experiences with you, your tenkara fishing will also improve.

Chasing thin blue lines

Looking for little blue lines on a map is something I find myself doing when I am bored. Letting my mind run wild imaging what I might find when I get there gets me very excited. Finding and exploring a few select lines is a tenkara resolution in 2017 I am looking forward to. I will be going to these areas with a select group of tenkara anglers to delve deep into these unknown areas. If you are interested in joining in one or two of these “bonsai trips” just let me know.

These trips will be a study in the beauty of tenkara along with a time to spend time with great people in gorgeous environments. I hope that these trips will open new locales and maybe even create a few new friendships along the way.

Tenkara Grasshopper Site Growth

The Fly Box

A tenkara resolution that I have already started working on for the coming year is to study the flies fly fishermen use to catch fish. I will be tying and experimenting with western flies and Japanese kebari patterns to see what works the best for me. During this time of experimentation and learning I am going to be shooting videos on how to tie many of the patterns that become my go-tos.

Let me say a few things before you dismiss my entry into the fly tying video world. I will say this here and will cover the same things in my first video. There are already plenty of videos available for the tenkara angler to Google. I will be sharing these videos because I have been asked by many of my readers to share the contents of my fly box with them. Also I find that by shooting and sharing these videos with my readers both old and new, I can expose many to the wonderful world of fly tying.

While sharing my fly box I have made a tenkara resolution to not “sakasafy” or reverse hackle every fly I tie, whether western or traditional tenkara kebari. Just because I have an extremely extensive fly tying bench does not mean I don’t have an unlimited amount of knowledge about the world of fly tying. There is always something new to learn everyday, whether from books, videos, or from people in a face-to-face situation.


As I said before, a tenkara resolution of immense importance to me is the development and sharing of many more posts in the weeks and months to come. I have many ideas for new posts that I want to share with my readers, yet I also realize that there are probably topics I will forget or not even think of. If this happens I would greatly appreciate that you let me know what kinds of things you might like to see covered in a few posts. I am open to any and all suggestions and am therefore all eyes and ears.

Personal Development

Personal non-tenkara resolutions

And last but not least, I resolve to be a better person to those I know and don’t know. I will try to remind myself that those that appear less fortunate than me have a story to tell. This story may be one of laziness, but it also may be a story of heartbreak and pain. We all need to remember this in 2017 and for the rest of the existence of the human race.


Resolutions are prone to eternal failure. I hope that you hold me accountable for all of the resolutions I have shared with you here. If you see me break any of the above resolutions, call me out on it. I will thank you in the long run.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and may you and yours prosper in the days to come!!!

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  1. Squid
    #1 Squid 1 January, 2017, 09:26

    Happy New Year. My resolution is to get out and fish this year. That and take more photos.

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