Knots and Rigging

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Tenkara Pre-Rigging

Every angler I have ever met wants to maximize their time on the water. I know I feel the same way about my time on the water. Because of this I am known for my pre-rigging for tenkara to expedite my river therapy.

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Large River Tenkara

Have you ever wondered what an appropriate tenkara line setup on large rivers? Take a short course with me to learn my tenkara line setup!

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Rigging Tricks and Techniques Part 2

As a tenkara guide I have found a few tricks that do truly maximize my clients time on the water! In this post I will share my knots of choice.

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What do I do for line management?

When one hears the word tenkara, the most common thing that comes to mind is “A rod, a line, a fly!” That is really the essence of tenkara gear wise. Yet a question always arises when a person is new

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Rigging Techniques and Tricks Part 1

By sharing a few of the traditional rigging techniques as well as a selection of my most productive techniques that I have learned while on the water with my clients, I hope that you will find a technique that will maximize your fishing time.

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An Introduction to Tenkara Part 2: Setting Up

Welcome to an Introduction to Tenkara Part 2. If you have made it this far hopefully you have purchased or collected the items I listed in the Introduction to Tenkara Part 1. If not now is the time to do

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