Tenkara Grasshopper Guide Service

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I am proud to offer exceptional tenkara trip options to my clients in partnership with one of Colorado’s premiere fly fishing guide services, GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing. I can provide truly amazing experiences in some of the most spectacular locations in Colorado.

GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing Tenkara Grasshopper Guide Service

Available trips run from half-day excursions to multi-day Tenkara immersive experiences. With access to public waters as well as private rod limit waters, the choices to learn and practice Tenkara with me. I am a Tenkara USA Certified Guide. I am excited to offer an amazing resume of public water available to my clients.

If you want to stay close to Denver for a quick get away, I am happy to do that. Want to get into more challenging tail-water tenkara angling to augment your abilities, or maybe a secluded section of water to rest your mind? I can satisfy your needs. I will be happy to help you choose the perfect fishing location for you based upon your experience level, desired experience, and seasonal conditions. If you wish to experience a specific piece of water you have been craving to fish, you can request any of these world-class destinations when discussing a trip with me.

Our current rates are extremely affordable and accessible to everyone.  A brief overview of the current rates are found below.

Tenkara Grasshopper Guide Service Rates

ClientsHalf-Day (4 Hours)Full-Day (6 Hours)
1 Client
2 Clients$350.00$400.00
3 Clients$400.00$450.00

How To Book A Trip With The Tenkara Grasshopper!

To book a trip with me please follow the process below. I have to follow this process since I do have family and work obligations and this process makes trip bookings smoother for all involved.

1. Contact Me using the email form to the right.

2. We will discuss available dates for all parties involved.

3. Once we agree on dates I will contact GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing and verify the trip with them.

4. We will get on the water and enjoy a day of tenkara!

Additional Questions You Might Have

If you have any additional questions please visit the Guide Trip 101 page.

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