Beginners Tenkara the fun way!

Welcome to beginners tenkara. I want to offer the beginning tenkara angler a path to becoming proficient in the practice of tenkara as a viable form of fly fishing. If you are a more experienced tenkara angler there will be many items that will be useful as well.

I have done my best to break down the lessons available into a coherent progression with the chance for the evolving tenkara angler to modify their own search for their own Ten Colors of Tenkara!

I always welcome comments or suggestions for additions to the Beginners Section. Leave a comment on this page or send me an email through my Contact page.


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Tenkara Fishing Equipment

Find a list of the basic gear you need to get started.

Tenkara Rod Image
Tenkara Rods

Discover what a rod is and how to choose the best rod for you.

What is a level line and why should I use it?

Choose the best line for the job.


What is a furled line and why should I use it?

Choose the best line for the job.

TUSA Tapered Line
What is a tapered line and why should I use it?

Choose the best line for the job.


How do I cast a Tenkara rod?

Learn the basic casting techniques for Tenkara fishing here.

How do I cast when it is windy?

Problems casting when the wind hits?

Rigging Techniques and Tricks Part 1

Find all the techniques and tricks to make your on water time most effective.

Gear Reviews

TUSA Tapered Line
Tenkara USA Tapered Line Review

The newest line offering from Tenkara USA for both the beginning as well as the advanced tenkara angler.

Tenkara USA Sato and Rhodo Rod Review

Find out about the two newest rods from Tenkara USA!

Redington Sonic Dry Wading Pants

Find a great pair of wading pants.

Fly Tying Bench Review

If you want to get into tying your own flies here is one great piece of equipment.