Listen to the Hansha Podcast

Listen to the Hansha Podcast

The Tenkara Grasshopper Hansha (Reflections) Podcast

Welcome to the Hansha Podcast. I am your host Graham “Tenkara Grasshopper” Moran.

The English translation of the Japanese term Hansha is reflections. The term seemed appropriate for a podcast about the Japanese form of fly fishing known as tenkara.

What is the Hansha Podcast about?

The podcast is all about tenkara. As your host I will share my own thoughts on this amazing fly fishing technique. Each episode will be focus on a particular aspect of tenkara.


I will be inviting guests to join me on episodes of the podcast. I will be talking to those individuals who I consider to be the “heavy-hitters” of the tenkara world. Guests will include such visionaries as Daniel Galhardo of Tenkara USA, Brandon Moon of Moonlit Fly Fishing, and Rob Worthing of Utah Tenkara Guides fame. Additional guests will include Dennis Vander Houen, the brains behind the Tenkara Path blog, and numerous other tenkara anglers and fly fishing personalities.

Podcast Topics

The topics I will cover in the episodes will be everything from tenkara gear to the philosophy of tenkara. Along the way I will also cover the history and future of tenkara. I might even share those random thoughts that troll my brain at times.

If there are any topics you as a reader would like to hear just let me know by sending me an email. Maybe there are guests that you would like to hear from let me know as well. The Hansha Podcast is here for you, the listener.

You can send all questions by filling out the email form below.

    Available Episodes

    I will post each episode here along with a transcript and any links that were discussed in the corresponding episode.

    Podcast Disclaimer

    I am not a professional speaker nor am I an audio specialist. I will do my best to provide the highest quality sound I can.