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Final thoughts for 2014 from the TenkaraGrasshopper

Final thoughts for 2014 from the TenkaraGrasshopper

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TenkaraGrasshopper On Bear Creek, Colorado
Photo Courtesy of E.K. Tegland Photography

The twilight days of 2014 are here, albeit short days it seems, and it is now time to review the past year and maybe even set some new goals for 2015. Care to join me on this journey down memory lane? Who knows, this might help you to jog some memories of this past year as well.

The Fly Fishing Show 2014
Image Courtesy of The Fly Fishing Show

The year started off with a bang with the Fly Fishing Show at the Denver Merchandise Mart. Over the course of the three days I was able to attend the show I was able to meet a number of amazing people and get to see some really cool new products. I was able to get my hands on some new products, which are currently in the review phases right now. I also got the chance to find out about some new trips that are definitely going to be on my list of places to visit for some fishing.

Internaional Sportsmen’s Exposition
Photo Courtesy of International Sportmen’s Exposition


Another amazing show that I was able to attend in Denver. Definitely by far one of my favorite events to check out each year simply based on the fact that there is so much to see and do. I always find something of interest at the ISE that I can’t find anywhere else. Meeting people outside of the fly fishing industry is also a pleasant experience and one that I hope to not soon give up.

Both the Fly Fishing Show and the ISE always get me excited about the coming year of fishing and just generally being outdoors. With all the new products that the the presenters at these events bring for the virtual show and tell I am sure I will be finding some really cool new stuff this year.

Once the show season in Denver quiets down I find I have more time to focus on the guide season to come. 2014 has been an amazing year for me as a guide and in particular a tenkara guide. I would not be able to say this if it was not in many ways for Tenkara USA and Daniel Galhardo, the president of Tenkara USA. At the end of 2013, I became a Tenkara Guide Certified by Tenkara USA. And I plan to still go strong til the end of my days.

Tenkara Guide Certified
Photo Courtesy of Tenkara USA

In a very cool development, the staff at Tenkara USA created what is known as the Tenkara Guide Network. Through the site anyone interested in learning tenkara or looking for a guide can click the link and find a guide in a particular part of the country. Please feel free to visit the site and find a guide that can show you the joy of tenkara.

My little fishing buddy
Photo Courtesy of Graham Moran and Elizabeth Flores

By far the best thing that could have happened in 2014 was the birth of my son, Andrew T. Moran. I could not have asked for a more beautiful child to be brought into my life. He was born a healthy baby boy with the most beautiful smile. Elizabeth and I have never been happier in our lives with the addition of Andrew to our humble family.

Minturn Anglers Logo
Courtesy of Minturn Anglers

Once the rivers slowed down this summer, the guide season started and was one of my favorite seasons. Not just as a professional guide either, as I was able to take some friends on a few trips that were super fun and definitely worth the trips. I was able to experience a number of bodies of water that I had hitherto been unable to explore.

A happy client
Photo Courtesy of TenkaraGrasshopper Media
To happy friends somewhere in Colorado
Photo Courtesy of TenkaraGrasshopper Media


 As the season slowed down I was able to attend a number of events around the state, all fly fishing related, thank God. I attended an event in Grand Junction as a presenter for Tenkara USA, which by the way was really cool and again I was able to meet so amazing people and reconnect with some great friends like Chris Hunt of Trout Unlimited.

Tenkara Summit 2014 Boulder, CO
Image Courtesy of Tenkara USA


By far the best event of 2014 was the Tenkara Summit held in Boulder, CO. This was the gathering of tenkara anglers that I had always imagined would happen at some point in the growth of tenkara. It was truly awe inspiring to see how many participants attended this gathering who simply were interested in tenkara but had never actually tried it out.

And then there were the presenters for the Summit who were truly the cream of the crop in the tenkara community. Daniel Galhardo was one of the speakers and one of the presenters that had a lot to share about how tenkara has affected his life since he brought it to the United States. One of the most interesting presentations of the day was given by Dr. Ishigaki, who by the way is one of the nicest people I have ever met. I wish I had had more time to talk to Ishi as he asked everyone to call him. At least I was able to chat with him in the evening before heading home.

Dr. Ishigaki and TenkaraGrasshopper
Photo Courtesy of TenkaraGrasshopper Media

With the Summit having ended I started a new job with an amazing new company, The Sierra Trading Post, where I am the Hardlines Supervisor. It is an exciting position to be in and one that I look forward to continuing with in the years to come. But that being the case I will also continue to guide as well as fish as much as possible in the years to come as well.

Outdoor Writers Association of America
Image Courtesy of OWAA


I have continued my membership as an active member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America. I will be working on a number of articles for a few publications in the year to come. You never know when or where the TenkaraGrasshopper will chirrup again, keep an eye out.

The year of 2014 is almost at an end and there are some many things I am sure I have missed, there is always a new year ahead and I am sure 2015 is going to be another amazing year. Thanks for reading and please come visit TenkaraGrasshopper whenever you wish, if you wish to visit.

Till another day in the future,

Tight Lines and Tenkara!!!

TenkaraGrasshopper Logo
Image Courtesy of TenkaraGrasshopper Media
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