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Final thoughts for 2014 from the TenkaraGrasshopper

The twilight days of 2014 are here, albeit short days it seems, and it is now time to review the past year and maybe even set some new goals for 2015.

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TenkaraGrasshopper and the “Squirell Factor”

As the weather cools down and the world starts to look more towards the home and family with the holidays just around the corner, there seems to be more time for introspection that occurs at the same time. I have been seeing this going on with many of my friends as well as a number of the amazing tenkara blogs that are currently running at this time.

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The 2014 Tenkara Summit: A Report From The Grasshopper

Over the weekend of September 27 and 28, 2014 the Fourth Annual Tenkara Summit occurred in the new hometown of Tenkara USA, Boulder, Colorado. I made special arrangements to attend the Tenkara Summit as it was relatively close to home.

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