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Holiday Tenkara Gift List 2016

Holiday Tenkara Gift List 2016

by November 16, 2016 0 comments

The holidays are just around the corner. I am here to give you, dear reader, my tenkara gift list for 2016.

Give the gift of tenkara to that special someone in your life and you will remain happy for eternity! (Well, at least they will be eternally happy!!!)

The Tenkara Gift List

Gifts from Santa

Tenkara USA Sato Rod Set


This is my go-to tenkara rig that I carry on a daily basis. I use it for both guiding and personal use. The Sato starts at 10’8″ and expands to 12’9″. This is what would be considered a zoom rod because it can be extended in three steps.

The Sato is great for the beginning tenkara angler as well as the more experienced angler. With three available lengths in one rod it is perfect for multiple river sizes from narrow spring creeks to brawling freestone streams.

Included in the package is a spool of level line which will allow for making custom line lengths and a foam spool for line management. You also receive three tenkara kebari flies to complete the setup.

The aspiring tenkara angler will get everything he or she needs to get started. To learn more about the Tenkara USA Sato rod check out my review here.


I have found the Free Fly Apparel Bamboo shirts to be one of the best investments in clothing to date. I own five (5) of these amazing shirts and I want more. Because of the properties of bamboo I am able to stay warm when it is cooler and cool when it is warmer. This all comes in a lightweight shirt perfect for all activities not just tenkara fishing. With a design that has a relaxed look, I find I can wear it for many occasions. Best of all these shirts are priced extremely well for the discerning buyer.

Make that angler in your life smile wearing this amazing shirt. Who knows maybe every time they wear it they will think if you!!!

Vedavoo Tightlines Sling


This is the sling pack I use every day when I go out tenkara fishing. Integrated into the pack is a pouch, tool loops, a zipper pocket, tippet mount, and a net anchor. Each feature is well thought out and designed with the angler in mind. This is the perfect gift for the tenkara angler who has everything but a way to carry their stuff.

Every Vedavoo pack is hand made with the highest attention to detail here in the United States using the highest quality materials available. And if you want some customizations the staff can help you out.

Stocking Stuffers

Tenkara USA Kit


The Tenkara USA Kit is that perfect stocking stuffer any tenkara angler that has pretty much everything they might need.  Each item adds to the enjoyment of tenkara by providing the necessary gear to the aspiring tenkara angler. The kit includes the Keeper, a spool of 5x tippet, forceps, nippers, a booklet on tenkara, three tenkara kebari, and a mesh bag to keep everything organized.

This is kit I will be using as part of my backup rig. This is also the setup I carry when I am traveling around the country.

I know that any tenkara angler could not ask for anything more in a gift of this size.

Tenkara USA Tapered Nylon Fly-Fishing Line

TUSA Tapered Line

The Tenkara USA Tapered Nylon Fly-Fishing Line is the newest addition to the Tenkara USA offerings. I am becoming a fan of this line with every cast I make.

If an angler is looking for a line that will up their game, this is it. You can check out my review here.

At such a reasonable price this might be a gift that a young person can afford to give their tenkara angler.

Tenkara Radically Simple, Ultralight Fly Fishing


This was the first book I read on tenkara and still one of my favorites. I read this at least twice a year and seem to learn something every time. Dr. Kelleher and Misako Ishimura brought the teachings of tenkara to the page in a most graceful manner.

I would suggest this book for both the beginning as well as seasoned tenkara angler. With a writing style and language that is extremely easy to grasp I find this to be more than bedtime reading. If there was a waterproof version I would probably care it on the river with me.

Shortly after the book arrived on the market I did a review which can be found here.

If you wish to purchase this book you can click the title above or the image to the right and order directly from Amazon.com.

Tenkara USA Keeper


When looking for that gift that has more than one function look no further than the Tenkara USA Keeper. The Keeper functions as a line holder for up to two lines. I have seen people store a line and a spool of tippet. Integrated into one side of the Keeper is a pocket that will hold up to six kebari flies.

I use this as my go to spool for all my line management needs. To learn more about line management check out the what do I do for line management post.

Seasons Greetings

I hope that this gives you a few ideas to make the tenkara angler in your life happy. If you are a tenkara angler I would suggest sharing this post with those who are asking what you want for the holidays this year.

Please feel free to add to this list by leaving a comment. I might even add your suggestions to the post at a later date.

May your arm always be in a cast and your line ever tight!!!

By following the links above, either using the text or the corresponding image you can purchase each item as you see fit.

Photo credit: MJY-shogun via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

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