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Tenkara Radically Simple, Ultralight Fly Fishing Book Review

Tenkara Radically Simple, Ultralight Fly Fishing Book Review

by January 19, 2012 2 comments

Today I want to tell you about a book that I just finished reading for the third or fourth time in the last twelve months. Tenkara Radically Simple, Ultralight Fly Fishing was written by Kevin C. Kelleher, with Misako Ishimura and published in early 2011.

There are many fly fishing books on the market today but this is one of the best in my opinion when it comes to Tenkara fishing. The book is one hundred and forty five pages of detailed information about Tenkara. It is well written and very easy to read which makes it a pleasure to browse if you are looking for specific information. The book is broken down into fifteen well thought out chapters that don’t overwhelm with to much esoteric information.

The book gives details as to why Tenkara is such an amazing style of fishing, tells you what to look for in your equipment, and how to set it up. Other chapters show you how do cast a Tenkara line (but in my opinion, doing is better than reading), and even a short chapter on bugs you might find on your home waters.

The authors also have chapters on smalls stream and larger bodies of water, thus dispelling the attitude that Tenkara is only for small streams and only for small trout.

Having read this book a few times I feel that it is a great way to introduce someone new to fly fishing to a very simple way of fishing that has a very short learning curve yet can be practiced for a lifetime and never be mastered. This book was definitely written with the beginner in mind but even the old, crusty Tenkara fisherman might just find some nugget of information that would help their fishing as well.

I plan to read this book a few more times as I continue to learn more about Tenkara and know that each time I read it I will find something I missed last time. I can say with complete confidence that you need to go out and get this book and read it cover to cover to learn what Tenkara is and then try what the authors discuss in the book.

I want to thank Dr. Kelleher and Ms. Ishimura for bringing their message to the masses and hope that you will feel the same way.

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  1. Kevin Kelleher
    #1 Kevin Kelleher 19 January, 2012, 18:57

    Thanks for the kind words. I am glad you liked the book. As I said in the introduction, if it helps one angler experience and uncluttered respite on a quiet stream, it was worth it.
    Tight lines and good times, Graham,

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