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Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide By Tom Rosenbauer

Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide By Tom Rosenbauer

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Learning to fly fish can be intimidating. The Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide by Tom Rosenbauer takes some of the fear out of this awesome sport.

Because I am a fly fishing guide myself, reading the Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide gave me some great pointers for teaching clients. These pointers are why I suggest this book to new or experienced fly-fishing anglers.

What Makes The Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide So Great?

Mr. Rosenbauer starts with what fly-fishing is. He succinctly covers the differences between spinning gear and fly-fishing gear. Best of all, he makes it easy to understand.

Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide: Selecting Gear


Rosenbauer goes into what a fly rod is, along with what all the numbers on a rod mean. Beginners in particular, become quickly overwhelmed when trying to select a rod.

He breaks down what rods do best based on the design and line weight. Offering helpful hints, rod selection using different criteria will help anyone selecting their first fly rod or one hundredth.

Tips are intermingled throughout on tweaking rod selection and narrowing down options in a burgeoning realm of fly gear. Even I picked up a few details I either forgot in old age or simply didn’t know.

Reels and Lines

Fly fishing reels and lines, at least in my opinion, are significantly more confusing than rods. Luckily for the reader of the Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide, the confusion is managed in such a way as to be explainable to anyone.

Having the opportunity to learn the makeup of a fly line streamlines the pairing of rod, reel and line significantly easier. Anyone new to fly fishing will find it easier to start putting together a new rig with a bit more confidence.

Apparel and Accessories

Mr. Rosenbauer covers not just the rod, reels and lines. He spends a quality amount of time covering the basics of fly fishing apparel and accessories common to this sport. Mr. Rosenbauer tells the reader what they need, along with items that are nice to have.

It won’t be long before the reader owns all the times he discusses.

Fly Fishing Knots

Strong knots are an anglers best friend. I has been said that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link! Thus, a strong knot makes for a strong fly fishing rig. The book give the angler every knot they might need.

Fishing freshwater? The knots are there to practice, practice, practice.

Getting into saltwater fly fishing? Every knot is covered with an attention to detail, as if it were written for a book strictly on saltwater fishing.

Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide: The Science of Fly Fishing

The Cast

With the rigging under the reader’s belt, Mr. Rosenbauer discusses potentially one of the most intimidating aspects of fly fishing, the cast. I believe many anglers, experienced and beginner alike, find casting to be the most difficult.

The Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide makes casting attainable to even the most uncoordinated caster.

There is no substitute for real world instruction and experience. If nothing else, the detail covered for casting is an awesome primer to the beauty of casting a fly rod. Nuggets of wisdom are found throughout the pages that will improve anyone’s cast.

The Science of Fly Fishing

With an understanding of how the gear works, Mr. Rosenbauer leads the reader into the science of fly fishing.

Knowing what trout eat, and using a basic understanding of identifying the chosen prey of trout, the angler is well on their way to fooling trout. It is not just aquatic life forms he covers. There is a great offering of terrestrial, or land based, prey the trout eat.

While discussing the relevant life forms, hints are dropped on presentation techniques to fool the trout.

Filling a Fly Box

Selecting flies can be a trial for beginners and advanced anglers. Having years and uncountable miles under his boots, Mr. Rosenbauer shares his knowledge of flies. There are an infinite number of patterns on the market, but Mr. Rosenbauer gives the reader some assistance.

Using the knowledge base of Orvis stores and Orvis Endorsed Guides, a novice fly angler can quickly fill a fly box using suggested patterns. There are times I wish this had been available to me in my travels.

Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide: Putting it all together!

Strategies and Species

The reader of the Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide will now be able to take the knowledge and techniques and combine them with the remainder of the book. Taking an impressive look at tactics for different water types and the related species, the reader will take a giant step forward in their fly fishing career.

The knowledge of successful strategies for every water type allows the fly angler a chance to experience success in a measurable manner. The tactics are broken into individual components leading to a cohesive whole.

Many of the tactics can be used in multiple settings, although some are specific to certain water types. By studying and using each tactic, the reader can excel as an accomplished fly fisher.

Landing a Fish and Ethics

The final chapters cover commonly targeted species and ethics.

By far, the most important chapters look at landing fishing in as quick a manner as possible and ethics.

Landing a Fish

The angler who takes Mr. Rosenbauers tips to heart on landing a fish will be a success to himself as well as his fellow anglers. The landing techniques sound more difficult when written, but when experienced in action it is a whole new story.

If there is one thing I will take away is “Keep ‘Em Wet!”


A fly fishing angler who does not heed the discussions in the final chapter will find few friends on the water.

Respect for other anglers and the fish we catch is paramount in the practice of fly fishing. All it takes a little social smarts.

Orvis Guide to Fly-Fishing Conclusions

Having read the Orvis Fly Fishing Guide cover to cover, I have come to one conclusion. I will be using the book as a basis for my teaching and personal fly fishing.

This is a great book for a gift to those who show an interest in fly fishing as a leisure past time.

Get yourself a copy of the Orvis Fly Fishing Guide by Tom Rosenbauer sooner than later. If you do, you will learn to be the fly fisherman or fisherwoman you have always dreamt of being.

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