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A Book Review: The Orvis Guide to Family Friendly Fly Fishing By Tom Rosenbauer

A Book Review: The Orvis Guide to Family Friendly Fly Fishing By Tom Rosenbauer

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As a fly fishing guide in Colorado, a husband to a beautiful woman, and a new father of a wonderful little baby boy, I have had a very strong wish to share my love of fishing with my family as I believe many anglers do. I am not discriminating in my feelings on what is fishing, tenkara, rod and reel fly fishing, bait casting, spinners and spoons, any form of fishing.

Working for Minturn Anglers as a guide has exposed me to many things when it comes to clients. All good for the most part mind you. With that being said I have seen and experienced some truly amazing things while working with clients in our fishing schools we run on the weekends.

Minturn Anglers
Image Courtesy of Minturn Anglers

There are a wide range of students who come through our fishing schools from husband and wife teams to co-workers from the same office. By far my favorites are the husband/wife, father/son, father/daughter, mother/son or daughter teams. I say this because there is a sharing of an activity that the whole family can participate in as a cohesive group if they wish. What I have found the most interesting part of this though is that there can be some major conflicts that can and do arise during these classes with families.

The first couples experience I had was amazing and one of the schools that proved to me that one persons passion can be transferred to another who can enjoy the same things with equal or more zeal. The trip I am thinking of was a husband and wife team, the husband was a fly fisherman who dabbled in it yet wanted to share the outdoors with his wife who had just retired. The husband wanted to brush up on some of his techniques and get a little extra instruction on those things that he wanted to master. The wife, on the other hand had almost no fishing experience save some fishing from a boat as a kid.

Over the course of the Sunday while we were out on the river she was able to take what we showed her on Saturday and assimilate it into here experience. What I find interesting even now is that everything that Mr. Rosenbauer discusses, I was using and also experienced some of the pitfalls of spousal fishing. Sans a spinning rod and reel to get her comfortable with casting, which by the way Mr. Rosenbauer suggests for all ages. My client was quick to learn as I instructed her in how to properly cast the fly rod and mend her line to work towards a drag free drift.

Her husband worked on his fishing and then came down river to watch is wife cast for a few minutes. During this time I could see he wanted to critique her casting technique but I quickly hushed him up and warned him that saying nothing was the best course of action as he did not want to get her angry with him. Luckily, he heard me and heeded my advice.

Happily by the end of the day, both clients had gotten into fish and had become much better anglers, not do to my ability to be the consummate guide, but due to their eagerness to share in the passion of fly fishing together. In twenty/twenty hindsight I wish I had read this book before going out with them.

Enough about trips I have done though. What really needs to be said is that this book taught me many cool things through real life experiences of parents who are anglers who want to introduce their kids to fly fishing. I am going to take the things that others have experienced while introducing kids to the bank so that when my son is old enough to go fishing with his “Old Man and the River” he will truly enjoy it!

I am going to close by telling you to go find this book either at your local Orvis store or at your local bookseller of choice and purchase this tome and read it cover to cover. Once you have read it, practice what Mr. Rosenbauer preaches!!!!

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