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Tenkara USA Tapered Line Review

Tenkara USA Tapered Line Review

by August 30, 2016 2 comments

I am always looking for the perfect tenkara line and recently came across my new favorite go to line.

Tenkara USA recently released the newest item on their already impressive list of tenkara-centric merchandise. Their Nylon Tapered Line, gives both the beginning and experienced tenkara angler the perfect addition to their current tenkara rig.

With two line lengths currently available, every Tenkara USA rod can be utilized with these two lines. The longest line is available at fourteen feet nine inches (4.5 m). The shortest is available at eleven feet six inches (3.5 m). At a minimal price of just fourteen dollars per line, pretty much anyone can afford one or both lines. Attaching the line is simplified with a pre-rigged loop for a girth hitch when attaching the line to the lillian.

Having tested both lines in varying conditions, the casting consistency of these lines was spectacular. With virtually every cast I have been able to place my fly exactly where I want it with complete confidence.

I am extremely happy with the presentation afforded by the virtually weightless line when casting. The lines are constructed of a single strand of tapered nylon, doesn’t hold water like a traditional tapered, furled tenkara line. An added benefit of the lighter line is the ability to keep all of the line off the water with a minimum of effort.

As a tenkara guide I will be using these new Tenkara USA lines with most if not all of my clients. It won’t just be my clients either that will be using these lines as a primary choice, I will also be using them for my personal fishing. Only time will tell whether I stick with this new line or revert back to level lines. I am very happy with this product from Tenkara USA.

Is this line worth the fourteen dollars? In my humble opinion it is well worth the money to buy this line. I am confident that you will enjoy it as much as I do.

If you feel that adding this line to your rig would be a benefit to you follow the link below and order directly from Tenkara USA.

Tapered Nylon Line

P.S. This tapered line has been available through other channels on-line. Therefore when I call this line “new” I mean that it is new to the Tenkara USA product offerings NOT new to the US market!!! Before anyone makes any negative comments I suggest you read what I have written in context first. 

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