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Tenkara Zoom Rod: A Definition

Tenkara Zoom Rod: A Definition

by May 12, 2017 1 comment

What is a tenkara zoom rod? In simplified terms a tenkara zoom rod extends from two to three different lengths.

Tenkara Zoom Rod

For example the Tenkara USA Sato rod starts at 10’8″ with an option of 11’10” and maxing out at 12’9″. There is also the Tenkara USA Rhodo starting at 8’10” with an option of 9’9″ and maxing out at 10’6″. The third option for me is the Tenkara USA Ito with a starting length of 13′ and extending to 14’7″.

tenkara zoom rod sato
Tenkara USA Sato

The Tenkara USA Sato gives the me the opportunity to fish multiple size waters with just one rod. When the rod is extended to it’s initial length of 10’8″ I am able to fish waters that are restricted by tree branches overhead or when the width of the river is smaller. As the riparian cover thins out or the river widens I am able to extend the rod to 11’9″ giving me more reach. When I am fishing upriver from the middle of the river or on larger waters such as Clear Creek outside of Golden, CO I will extend the rod to it’s maximum length of 12’9″.

Tenkara USA Rhodo

tenkara zoom rod rhodo

The Tenkara USA Rhodo allows me to fish smaller waters or tighter surroundings with just one rod. Starting out at a length of 8’10” I am able to fish extremely tight waters and super narrow streams. Streams like Cherry Creek through Denver, CO are perfect for the Rhodo at this length. When extending the rod to it’s mid length of 9’9″ I have fished streams like Boulder Creek in Boulder, CO. When fully extended to 10’6″ I am able to fish areas like Bear Creek outside Morrison, CO.

tenkara zoom rod ito
Tenkara USA Ito

When I started fishing tenkara my first tenkara zoom rod was the Tenkara USA Ito. As the first true tenkara zoom rod the Ito starts at 13′ and extends to a whopping 14’7″. I have used the Ito on larger rivers like the South Platte River near Deckers, CO along with many others. With the massive length and backbone of this rod I have been able to target larger, more energetic fish. The full length of the Ito has given me the opportunity to cast to and catch fish on the Colorado River. I have been known to use this rod on stillwaters where extra reach is key.

Being my first tenkara zoom rod, the Ito is still one of my favorite rods to date. When I am going to larger waters or for larger fish this is the rod of rods.

Tenkara Zoom Rod Definition

A tenkara zoom rod is any rod that extends to multiple lengths allowing the tenkara angler to carry one rod. By being able to extend the rod to different lengths the angler can cover a wide range of fishing situations.

If you want to purchase a tenkara zoom rod like the Tenkara USA Sato ,  Tenkara USA Rhodo  or the Tenkara USA Ito and the follow the links to Avidmax.com.

I have also provided a link to my review of both rods here.  To learn more about the Ito you can read my initial review. After purchasing a tenkara zoom rod like the Sato or Rhodo you will need to figure out the correct line length to match your rod.

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