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What is a furled line and why should I use it?

What is a furled line and why should I use it?

by March 3, 2016 2 comments

A furled line in tenkara is a fixed length of material braided together from strands of either monofilament or even cotton thread to form a line. Each furled line starts thick at one end and tapers to a thinner diameter at the end closest to the hook.

A furled line is typically the length of the tenkara rod or even just a bit longer than the overall rod length. There are a few different brands available in particular line available from Tenkara USAMoonlit Fly FishingStreamside Leaders, and Cutthroat Leaders. Each brand has their own distintive features that each brand and style offers.

I suggest that each beginning tenkara angler starts out with a furled line because of the very soft presentation that is an inherent part of these lines. Also a furled line has a bit of weight which helps a new angler learn how to cast a tenkara rod properly before moving on to other lines such as level lines.

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  1. Tenkara Amma
    #1 Tenkara Amma 28 January, 2018, 14:38

    I have fished the DRAGONtail Nirvana for the past several months. it has become one of my go to rods. I fish Tenkara exclusively for over 2 yrs., I consider myself a novice Tenkarian….lol.
    I have found this rod to be ideal for my needs.
    1. I am a women who just recently learned to fly fish. Despite haven fished all my life and even owned Bait n Tackle store!
    2. Mid 50’s with Fibromyalgia, Lupus, osteoporosis and chronic hives to name a few.
    3. I fish for my sanity and peace. (My husband has early onset of dementia (FTD not the florist, Google it!)
    4. I can (ignore the above) fish all day, land my own fish no matter the size! And adjust to the conditions of the river, stream, or lake I happen to be at.
    5. I have fished this rod in ideal conditions…wind gusts over 98 miles and under 10 degrees. Etc etc.

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