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Tenkara USA Ito Initial Review

Tenkara USA Ito Initial Review

by February 1, 2012 2 comments

I finally got the Tenkara USA rod I had been dreaming of since it was released to the Tenkara market.

The Ito!!!!!

So, since that has happened, it is now time for me to write my initial review of the rod and then go out and fish with it and come back to you with my on stream review at a later date, which I hope will be very soon!

Upon first opening the box from Tenkara USA, I was very impressed with the length of the aluminum travel tube the rod arrived in. I have to admit, since I was so excited about receiving the Ito I do not immediately open it but caressed the tube for a few minutes to build up the anticipation of what I was going to find inside.

Once I opened the tube and pulled the rod in its sock out I was really excited and was impressed with the rod sock. I love the feel of the material but was pleasantly surprised by the embroidered TenkaraUSA logo on the rod sock. 

I then decided it was time to really look at what was in the sock so I pulled the rod out and was even more excited and amazed at what I had in my hands. I was now holding a beautiful piece of functional art that got my imagination going and made me want to start planning a few trips out to some different waters that I have not fished yet. The black and navy blue finish with the gold lettering really popped and made me think that this is a rod that will get peoples attention. Now if we could only figure out how to get the fish to recognize the beauty of the rods we use.

Anyway, I digress, I was impressed with the size of the rod when it was collapsed but also awed by the minimal weight that the rod had. After holding it for a few I removed the rod cap and proceeded to extend the rod, first to its 13′ length and gave it a few false casts and then extended it to an impressive 14’7″.

At both the 13′ and the 14’7″ lengths I was extremely impressed by the balance and responsiveness of the rod. I have to admit I was a bit nervous about a rod of this length losing some of the qualities that I have found in both my 11′ Iwana and my 13′ Amago. But I was not disappointed in the least bit by what I was feeling from this rod. I even took it outside and gave it a few casts sans line and tippet just to get a feel for it and I was definitely getting my imagination fired up about the fish I intend to catch with this rod.

That being said, at this time I really don’t have any complaints about the rod at all other than one very tiny detail. I am a bit of a detail freak and wanted to see what the individual sections looked like without being part of the extended rod. The butt cap was on so tight I had to use a pair of pliers with a piece of leather on the jaws to open the cap. Once I did that the cap now moves easier yet is still firmly attached to the rod and I feel safe in the security of the structural integrity of this component.

Now all I want to do is get out and fish it! Anyone care to join me for a day on the water?
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  1. Mike Sevon
    #1 Mike Sevon 14 September, 2012, 04:25

    Hi Graham,
    The rod is certainly a beauty, very versatile. I am having a hard time picking a favorite between my Iwana, Amago and Ito.

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