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Tenkara Process Before Tenkara Product

Tenkara Process Before Tenkara Product

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Tenkara is not a Zen Buddhist practice even though it has attributes that could be correlated to the practice of Zen. One lesson I find any tenkara angler will find useful is focusing on the tenkara process before tenkara product.

I came across this thought while reading Zen In The Martial Arts by Joe Hyams. In this section Mr. Hyams is taught to focus on the process of achieving a goal, not on the goal itself. In Mr. Hymas situation it was to be on the same level as the other students in his Hapkido classes. This is not only valuable for me but also for my clients.

I have studied this concept and have integrated it into my tenkara practices. By integrating this concept into my tenkara teaching methodology with my clients, I have found this concept to be easier to understand from a backend view.

Tenkara Product


Tenkara product is the act of catching fish with a tenkara rod. Catching a fish is and always will be the goal of tenkara. The tug is the drug with many anglers looking for instant gratification.

I rare occasions, a new tenkara angler will catch fish on the first day out. To be productive a tenkara angler needs to first understand how to cast a tenkara rod. Casting is part of the tenkara process that comes before the tenkara product.

Tenkara Process


Before an angler learns to cast the tenkara rod they must learn to rig the rod up. With an understanding of proper rigging the tenkara angler is ready to learn casting. To learn more about rigging check out Rigging Techniques and Tricks Part 1 and Rigging Techniques and Tricks Part 2.

Once the angler learns proper rigging the tenkara cast is soon to follow. Learning the tenkara cast is extremely easy but does require practice to gain consistency. With consistency, accuracy will quickly follow, adding another piece to the tenkara process. Yet, the tenkara process is not complete without proper presentation.

Presentation, or sasoi, is the final piece of the tenkara process getting the angler to the tenkara product. By learning sasoi, fooling the fish into eating, the angler will come to the tenkara product. Learning sasoi is a life long learning process as there are quite a few different techniques the angler will utilize. Learning to utilize different sasoi will teach any angler the way to catch fish with their tenkara rod.


Working with the tenkara process leads the tenkara angler to the tenkara product. Patience is a virtue that the tenkara process teaches each and every tenkara angler. Learning this patience will lead the tenkara angler to the ultimate reward of tenkara product.

The successful tenkara angler needs to take these lessons to heart in the quest to attain the tenkara product.

Hopefully you have found this to be a valuable post. If you have find this to be true I would ask that you share this post with your tenkara friends. Leave a comment below to share your thoughts with the rest of the Tenkara Grasshopper community.

If you want a copy of Zen In The Martial Arts by Joe Hyams follow the link to purchase a copy directly from Amazon.com.

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