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What is a backup tenkara rig?

What is a backup tenkara rig?

by October 11, 2016 1 comment

Tenkara is about the technique not the gear, but I am here to talk about gear! Every tenkara angler needs a backup tenkara rig available for those impromptu trips.

Those of you who are new to tenkara, you will likely find this useful as you get deeper into the world of this great practice. For those with more experience in tenkara, I hope to offer you some useful pointers as well.

Every tenkara angler I know has a go-to gear list for every trip. Some gear lists are simplicity perfected, while others resemble long range expeditionary assaults. Today’s gear list will likely look like simplicity perfected.

My Client and Buddy Tenkara Gear List

  • Tenkara USA Sato rod,
  • Tenkara USA Rhodo rod,
  • A line spool with a level line of at least thirteen (13) feet,
  • A spool of tippet in either 5x or 6x diameter,
  • A completely full fly box with up to one dozen (12) kebari.
  • To hold all these items I carry the Vedavoo Tightlines Legacy Sling Pack.

When I am not fishing with clients or buddies, I carry what I call my Backup Tenkara Rig and it has a permanent spot in the trunk of my car.

My Backup Tenkara Kit

  • A Tenkara USA Sato Rod
  • A Tenkara USA Strap Pack with a pair nippers and forceps attached
  • An Altoid’s Mini’s tin filled with six (6) kebari
  • A spool of with fifteen (15) feet of level line
  • A spool of 5x or 6x tippet

With this minimal setup I can fish virtually anywhere on the spur of the moment. And with a minimum of effort and expense you can create the same kit I use. Get this put together and you will never be unprepared for a day or even just an hour of fishing.

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