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How do I cast when it is windy?

How do I cast when it is windy?

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Tenkara anglers old and new have a common nemesis and she is called the Wind. She can be a cruel Mistress at times and rarely will she offer her help to the tenkara angler. Because of the challenges she presents, many anglers get frustrated with her fickleness.

So how do I deal with the wind then?

The tenkara angler has a couple of options that are of use.

  1. The tenkara angler can cast using the wind to their advantage by putting their back to the wind and letting wind push the line out in front of them. Many times this may not be the perfect solution due to the local environment or water clarity. If an angler can see a fish many times the fish can see the angler.
  2. Another technique is what is known as the Side Arm Cast. To perform this cast the angler will simply drop their arm so they are moving parallel to their waist and keeping the line parallel over the water. By using this cast the angler can keep the line at a lower profile, thus avoiding the complexities of the wind.
  3. An additional technique which steps away from “traditional” tenkara is rigging an anti-wind line. This rigging system is something I started using in high wind conditions after I discovered the crew at Teton Tenkara were using it.  Start with 7 feet to 8 feet of #2 through #4 level line nail-knotted to 24 inches of a hi-visability Rio Powerflex Shooting Line which is again nail knotted to 6 inches of 0x or 1x tippet material. To make your 5x or 6x tippet and fly easier to attach to this rig we suggest that the tenkara angler use a 2.5 mm tippet ring which will preserve the larger diameter tippet almost indefinitely.

These are just a few of techniques that we have used with great consistency to find Mistress Wind! The budding tenkara angler may find many other techniques to resolve wind issues and we suggest you try different techniques until you find the perfect system for you.

If you find a technique that works better for you please feel free to share it here!

Photo credit: Nelo Hotsuma via Foter.com / CC BY

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