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The Care and Feeding of a tenkara rod.

The Care and Feeding of a tenkara rod.

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The Care and Feeding of a Tenkara Rod

The tenkara rod is an amazing tool for catching fish of all kinds. There are very few limits to what kinds of fish an angler can land with a tenkara rod but there are some caveats to the care and feeding of your tenkara rod.

Just like anything out there that is manufactured, if handled improperly a tenkara rod can and will break. Sadly, I have seen it happen more than once and ninety percent of the time it has been operator error rather than manufacturer defect.

I see most tenkara rods break when the angler is either extending the rod or collapsing the rod. There is one way to correctly extend the rod and many incorrect ways to extend the rod. I will cover both extending the rod and collapsing the rod correctly.

To properly extend the rod after removing the end cap, with the handle of the rod tucked under your arm, gently shake the rod until the lilian exposes itself. Once the lilian is exposed feed the tip of the rod out tugging gently at each joint setting the rod sections in place. Note: Do not pull to hard or you will never be able to collapse the rod when done fishing! Trust me it sucks!! Once you have set each section of the rod firmly you will no be ready to start casting the rod and you will not damage the tenkara rod during the initial set up.

Extending the tenkara rod.
Image Courtesy of Tenkara USA

To collapse the rod you do the exact opposite of extending the rod. Starting at the handle gently but firmly push the sections into the handle. Do not bend or twist the sections of rod as you collapse the rod. This is a sure way to break your rod! Just to make sure you understand what I am saying, go from thickest to thinnest, making the lilian the last section of rod that you see as you are collapsing the rod. Once all the sections are within the rod replace the cap and you are good to go.

In the next installment of the Tenkara Tips I will show you how to take apart a tenkara rod and clean it if and when the need arises.

Just as an FYI, the staff here at TenkaraGrasshopper Media Services have added a new page where you can find all the Tenkara Tips. You can find it at Tenkara Tips: Notes from a Tenkara Guide. All the guide tips will be hyperlinked from that page so if you wish to review past posts you will be able to find them all there.

Until then my friends,

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