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Tenkara And Friends

Tenkara And Friends

by February 29, 2012 1 comment

I find it very interesting how Tenkara has brought about an increase in my number of friends. Most of those friends have become very personal goods friends. I have also found in increase in my online friends. I have found a few grumpy people out on the river but those appear to be primarily Tenkaraphobes.

I find it very fun to meet all these new people and to be able to share my time on the water with them. I have also shared a few other events in my life with some of these new individuals. What do I mean?

Ok, here goes and please don’t feel that because I don’t necessarily list everyone I don’t mean any disrespect.

Probably one of the biggest events in my recent life was the day that I proposed to my lovely fiancee, Elizabeth Maria Flores, at the Cherry Cricket in Cherry Creek North in Denver. I had spent the day fishing with a great group of people including my buddy Karel Lansky of www.tenkaraonthefly.net and Erik Ostrander of www.TenkaraGuides.com. I also had my roommate who I had introduced to Tenkara at the first Denver Tenkara outing in 2011. Her mother also was at dinner that evening. And let’s not forget Cooper.

Some people might say that I was pretty crazy to ask Elizabeth to marry me with all those people around but because these individuals were and are some of my best friends I wanted to have them be a part of this event. Seldom does one find people like this and I truly believe that Tenkara has brought this to fruition.

I am looking forward to the future when more people enter the Tenkara fold and the pool of fishing friends increases. I can say that this blog has done some very interesting things for me and I find it very nice to see how many people are reading my blog on a daily basis and for that I thank you all.

I hope to add more of you as friends as time passes.

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  1. goneflyfishing
    #1 goneflyfishing 29 February, 2012, 19:23

    Graham – it was a previlege to be present, although it came as a surprise! Looking forward to be present at the big YES and celebrations. -K

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