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Life Lessons and Tenkara

Life Lessons and Tenkara

by September 18, 2012 0 comments

We all learn new things every day thru multiple avenues be it the internet, magazines, books, or personal experiences. I have found that some amazing things have occurred since I started fishing the Way of Tenkara as I have come to call it. So I guess the thing that I should do is explain the things I have learned and hopefully maybe even allow you to take some of my experiences and incorporate them into your lives. They might even open your eyes to something that you had not considered in the past.

I have experienced a major increase in my level of patience. I used to get agitated when I went fishing and didn’t catch anything. I find it very interesting that after having picked up my first Tenkara rod that I slowly but surely became more patient with my fishing results.

As I learned how to cast a Tenkara rod correctly my patience improved based on the fact that I started out just piling my line on the water. Once I figured out the correct casting motion the frequency of my line pilings dropped drastically. I also came to understand that with each style of fly I needed to modify my casting stroke and it didn’t bother me in the least. I finally got to the point where most of my casts are great but I don’t stress if my cast is not dead on every time. So I guess that was a great thing for me to experience and that patience has melded into my daily life and has now become a very positive influence.

Another aspect of a the increase in my patience has been the frequency of the fish that I catch. As I said earlier, I used to get agitated when I did not catch any fish or I could see the fish but they were ignoring my fly offerings. I have now come to a point where if I am fishing a hole where I can clearly see the fish, I now focus on those individuals and work that hole to the best of my ablilities until one of three things happen.

1. I catch a fish and land it successfully.

2. I get skunked and give up and go on my merry way.

3. I run out of time and have to leave the water to attend to “life events” or “honey do’s”.

My patience level has also increased during my forays into different fly techniques. I used to have no patience for dry fly fishing even though everyone said it was so much fun. I never found it that much fun since I apparently have the visual acuity of a half blind owl or as some might say a very selective person who ignores all but the “most important things to me at the time. Now having experienced dry fly fishing I am definitely finding I want to do this more and more. I am also learning how to fish a traditional kebari fly which I had never considered until I experienced Tenkara. There are many other styles of flies that I am going to work on experiencing and hopefully using in the future.

Having said the above about different flies, I am sure some of you are wondering if I am a one fly guy or if I am a western Tenkara fisherman. I think the one fly maxim does work, but that is all that I want to say in this post. I will expound on my feelings about the one fly/multiple fly discussion at a later time in a separate post.

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