Book Review and Possible 2012 Fishing Season Experiment

Last year I picked up a copy of Modern Midges Tying and Fishing the World’s Most Effective Patterns by Rick Takahashi and Jerry Hubka. I have been reading and studying Modern Midges for quite awhile now and have now decided that it

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Life Lessons and Tenkara

We all learn new things every day thru multiple avenues be it the internet, magazines, books, or personal experiences. I have found that some amazing things have occurred since I started fishing the Way of Tenkara as I have come

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Tying Tenkara Flies Volume 1 Review.

Recently, I received the new DVD from I had heard about the DVD from Karel Lansky of TenkaraOnTheFly after he returned from the 2nd Tenkara Summit held in Utah. Ashley Valentine had given Karel a copy along with a small press

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