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How do I maintain a tenkara rod?

How do I maintain a tenkara rod?

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In The Care and Feeding of a Tenkara Rod we discussed how not to break a tenkara rod. Today we are going to take a look at how to properly maintain a tenkara rod if it gets wet or seems to stick when it is being extended or collapsed. This procedure can be done at home or riverside. I prefer doing this while I am home as there are fewer chances of losing parts, as long as the kitten does not make it into the TenkaraGrasshopper Man Cave!

This is not a tip for the faint of heart. Please pay attention to what I am describing and doing in the images and be careful, you can damage or break a rod with not much effort.

Let’s assume that your tenkara rod needs a good cleaning and needs to get some loving attention from you. Before we start we want to make sure that we have a few simple and cheap items, some you might be able to steal from the kitchen or your significant others office. (By the way, I do not condone theft! Not that I didn’t get one thing from the kitchen. Sorry honey, I love you!)

basic tenkara rod cleaning kit
Tenkara rod and cleaning kit.

To maintain your tenkara rod you will need a dish towel or wash cloth to wipe down each section of the rod. I also find that I like to have a container of canned air for some of the smaller sections of the rod.

Tip the rod so that the tip is pointed at the ground or out to the side. Grasp the cork handle of the tenkara rod with your left hand, or right hand if you are a south paw, and remove the bottom cap from the rod by twisting it out of the threaded cork handle. Now, using the pointer finger of your right hand, cover the opening and tip the rod so that the internal sections of the rod rest on your fingertip. Slide the sections out of the rod one by one from the bottom of the larger section that it is housed in. (Note: The top two sections, the piece with the lilian and the second hollow section should not be separated!!! DO NOT try and separate these two sections. You WILL break your rod!!) Lay each section down on a flat surface so that they will not roll around.

tipping rod
Tipping the Rod

remove rod butt plug
Remove the rod butt plug
tenkara rod sections laid out
Tenkara rod sections laid out.

Using the dish towel or cloth, wipe down each section of the rod drying the outside of each section. Once you have completed this step you can now use the can of air and blow out each section the tenkara rod if you wish, but likely this step will not be necessary frequently or ever. There may still be moisture within the rod and it is best to let the interior of each section air dry.

Wipe down sections with towel.
Wipe down sections with towel.

Now that all the sections are wiped down and dry you can now proceed with reconstructing the rod. Begin with the tip section and attached section and slide the lilian into the next largest diameter section making sure to orient the lilian towards the colored or banded portion of the section. Continue this process until you reach have all the sections correctly housed in the proper order. Upon completion of this step you can now put the completed sections back into the rod handle and replace the screw plug on the.

Putting the lilian into the tenkara rod correctly.
Tenkara rod sections correctly nested.
Tenkara rod sections correctly nested.

Take the end cap off the top of the rod and extend the rod to make sure that the rod extends and collapses fluidly with no catches. If it does, you are now ready to go fishing, but if you feel any catches in the rod then you might have to do a little touch up cleaning the correct sections.

A happy, clean and dry tenkara rod.
A happy, clean and dry tenkara rod.

Hopefully you will not have to do this very often or ever but if and when you do you will now know what to do. Again, please remember this is not something for the faint of heart or those who are unsure of what they are doing. If you need to please contact myself or another tenkara angler who will be happy to help you out.

Tenkara and Tight Lines!!!

Stay Tenkara My Friends

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