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2012 and the theory of Wabi Sabi

2012 and the theory of Wabi Sabi

by January 2, 2012 1 comment

I have decided that this year I am going to be working on my fishing and in particular my Tenkara fishing. I was thinking over the last few days that I would like to truly learn Tenkara in a much more traditional manner. I would like to live my life over the next year in a much more relaxed manner.

Having done some reading over that last few months about the concept of Wabi-sabi I think that I can incorporate this into my life. Before I describe how I want into introduce this concept into my experience of Tenkara it might be best to give a brief description of what wabi-sabi is for those who are not familiar with this.

Wabi translates roughly as rustic simplicity, freshness or quietness,  or understated elegance. Sabi roughly translates as beauty or serenity comes with age, when the natural wear and tear shows its impermenance yet increases its inherent beauty. So what does that mean for the Tenkara fisherman?

To me it means keeping things simple such as using the least amount of gear necessary to catch a fish. Fishing Tenkara, I have found that I do not need to continue carrying a huge amount of “necessary gear”. Having used a traditional western fly fishing set up to start fly fishing I came to love the experience of being outside on the river.

Tenkara has cut the useless but fun stuff to a minimum. Although, in the last year I have realized I am getting back to the gear head mindset and have not stuck with the Tenkara idea.

Therefore, in the next year I will be going with the wabi-sabi concept by going with the most basic of accessories for a day on the water. So what does that mean in regards to my kit. Here is a short list that will be slowly but surely tweaked to perfection.

BW Sports Tippet/Fly Pouch to carry my supplies.
Tenkara USA 10 1/2′ Furled Line
TenkaraTalk 12′ Level Line
Tenkara USA 5x and 6x Tippet
A box loaded with flies
A Pair of Nippers
A Tamo
Wading boots
Reddington Sonic Weld Waist Waders

So there is my kit that I am starting with in 2012. Will it change over the next 12 months? Without a doubt it will and I hope that as I tweak my kit on each trip I will update it as my trips get posted. As a side note I would be happy to have any suggestions from my readers or maybe even a poll of your favorite kit to use for a day on the water.

Photo credit: JapanDave via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

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  1. Darrell
    #1 Darrell 6 January, 2012, 20:50

    I have narrowed my traditional style fly fishing down to a fairly simple set up. Fly rod/reel, floating line, furled leader with metal ring, Maxima leader for tippet, Surgical needle drivers with cutting blade, box of flies, kayak and paddle. I fish for bass and Bluegill (I live in MS). Last year I taught myself to fish with plastic worms and used only one type and color, focusing on presentation. Just hook, wt, and worm–Redneck Tenkara. The more I limited my gear, the more successful I became. I want to apply the same idea to fly fishing.

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