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Why does one become a Tenkara angler?

Why does one become a Tenkara angler?

by August 19, 2013 3 comments

I guess the real question should be “Why would someone not become a Tenkara angler? I think after a couple of years it is now time to explain to those not “In The Know” why you want to become a dedicated Tenkara .

I can only describe to you the key points that made me the Tenkara angler I am right now. I think in many ways you will find my reasoning clicks with you as well.

1. Simplicity: How can you complain about nothing more necessary than a rod, a line, tippet, and a fly. With the simplest of gear a Tenkara angler doesn’t even need a vest to carry a days worth of equipment. The simplicity even trickles down to the fact that an angler can use a single fly pattern and succeed at catching fish.

2.Fast Learning Curve: The minimal gear requirements take the complications of understanding the gear to its most basic. Casting a Tenkara rod is almost an intuitive action that even the youngest individual can pick up with minimal instruction. Even though there is a quick learning curve the techniques that will make a person a truly accomplished Tenkara angler can take a lifetime to master. Because of this each and every day is going to be a totally new learning experience.

3.The ability to slow down mentally as well as physically yet feel totally alive at the same time. I know this might seem like a strange concept for many, but once you have experienced this you will never want to lose this feeling. Tenkara can be extremely contemplative as a form of  fly fishing since there is so little physical exertion required. And with that decrease in physical exertion the Tenkara angler finds a similar decrease in the speed of their thoughts. When these two things happen the angler can find themselves in a much closer relationship with the world both on and off the water.

With just these three points which can really seem so basic yet have so much depth buried within them, the individual who tries to explore Tenkara as a new way of fishing will quickly find the addiction will settle in. And this is no skin deep addiction, this is definitely a bone deep addiction that will slowly yet pleasurably pervade your life.

Photo credit: vastateparksstaff via Foter.com / CC BY

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  1. Anonymous
    #1 Anonymous 24 August, 2013, 04:36

    As a person that is now on fixed income, I can no longer afford the $50 to $80.00 lines, expensive reals, etc. Tenkara has extended my fly fishing days until I depart. Thanks for your great site!

    Delane Guild
    Portland, OR

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  2. Daniel N.
    #2 Daniel N. 19 August, 2013, 17:21

    Great post Graham. I love that I can easily transfer between deep thought and intense fishing within a stretch of water.

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  3. Mark Kautz-Shoreman
    #3 Mark Kautz-Shoreman 19 August, 2013, 17:02

    So true, so, so true.

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