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What is the best tenkara line to start with?

What is the best tenkara line to start with?

by November 7, 2014 0 comments

Tenkara has a few options that make things a little more difficult when starting out in tenkara but are stilll very easy to deal with in a short amount of time. A common question is what the best line to start with is, furled or level line?

Furled Line
Furled Line

As a tenkara guide, I have come to the conclusion that for the beginning angler a furled line is one of the easiest ways for them to learn the casting. I say this because of the fact that due to the taper built into a furled tenkara line the fly attached to the end floats down and allows the fly to settle softly on the surface of the water. I like to start a beginner with a furled line because the overall weight of the line loads the rod on the back cast and allows the angler to truly feel the loading action. Also on the forward cast the angler can watch the line unfurl and drift onto the surface of the water.

Level Line
Level Line

There is a second choice in line material which as time goes on many tenkara anglers choose and that is level line. Level line is a specialized nylon line that has been formulated to turn over a fly during the cast. Level line comes in a number of weights starting at the heaviest at #5 and dropping down to a light weight of #2.5. This line is commonly found in high visibility colors such as orange or pink. Interestingly, the line comes in spools which allows the tenkara angler to cut the line to a custom length. Also due to the furled line coming in spools it allows the angler to add additional length simply using a number of basic knots.

When choosing a line weight I suggest that you start with the heaviest line that you can and as you get more time on the water you lessen the weight of the line.  The best length that I would go with would be a length the same as the rod to start and let the line length grow with experience.

So which is the best line to start with? Well hopefully this installment might have helped at least a bit. If not, the best suggestion is to experiment, experiment, experiment!

Until next time, keep those lines tight!

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