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Tenkara Hansha Episode 2

Tenkara Hansha Episode 2

by March 24, 2018 4 comments

The Tenkara Hansha Episode 2 is here. Best of all, the Tenkara Hansha Episode 2 is the inaugural guest episode.

tenkara hansha episode 2 dennis vander houwen
Tenkara Hansha Episode 2: Dennis Vander Houwen

Dennis Vander Houwen, the mind behind TenkaraPath.com, took time out of his busy day to sit down to chat. It never ceases to amaze me when Dennis gets together with me. The dude seems to be consistently busy with one thing or another. And most of the things he is doing are for the betterment of others.

Luckily for me, Dennis apparently considers me a friend. I have spent time fishing and camping with him. Then there are the times when we meet up for a cup of coffee and a chance to catch up.

Why did I choose Dennis Vander Houwen?

I chose Dennis to be the first guest of the Tenkara Grasshopper Hansha for a few reasons.

One of the biggest reasons for selecting him for Episode 2 is his passion for tenkara. Dennis was one of the early adopters of tenkara. I find his take on practicing tenkara to be one that intrigues me.

He has taken the simplicity of tenkara and reflects that in his day to day life. Dennis, in my humble opinion, is a personification of tenkara. I can honestly say I have learned much about how to live daily using Dennis as an example.

I won’t tell you his story, I want you to hear it directly from him. Spoiler alert!!!

Choosing Dennis was not difficult for another reason. He has a way of sharing himself with the world that is unmatched. I would equate many things he does as almost saintly. When he is not performing magic for kids or adults you can find him mentoring kids at his son’s school. There are a large numbers of mentors in the world, but Dennis is one of the stand-outs, at least in my world when it comes to kids.

Please give Dennis Vander Houwen a warm welcome to the Tenkara Hansha Episode 2.

To learn more about Dennis please visit TenkaraPath.com.

To listen to additional episodes of the Tenkara Hansha Podcast follow the link and subscribe.

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  1. bossbob
    #1 bossbob 26 April, 2018, 10:07

    Another exquisite podcast. Well produced. Technically superb. Great interview. Casual, playful. informative. Both good voices. Good listening on part of TG and allowing guest to shine. Bossbob was my radio name in chicago (jazz stations) 🙂

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    • Graham Moran
      Graham Moran Author 26 April, 2018, 10:35

      I so appreciate your comment Bob. Dennis and I are really good friends so it made our chat very natural. My goal with any guest is to listen to the natural flow from one question to the next. I always find it funny when I go in with a preconceived notion of what I plan and what comes out in the end.

      I think the next challenge will be a podcast with only me speaking and no guests. The fun never ends as they say.


      Tenkara Grasshopper aka Graham Moran

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  2. Karel
    #2 Karel 24 March, 2018, 12:51

    Man, I am so happy to hear both your voices and having fun!

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    • Graham Moran
      Graham Moran Author 25 March, 2018, 09:01

      We had a great time doing this episode Karel. It would be great if we could get you to do an episode with us sometime. Hope you and yours are well.


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