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Getting started with tenkara is extremely easy. Order the Tenkara USA Sato Set and be ready for the ultimate tenkara adventure.

The Tenkara USA Sato is my go to rod for 90% of my fishing trips, guiding and personal. If you want to know how much I love my Sato I wrote a combined review for your pleasure.

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Tenkara USA Sato Review

The Tenkara USA Sato rod is the newest  model in the Tenkara USA product line. I have to say that the Sato will be my go to rod from now on. I never thought I would say that a different rod would eclipse my love for my Tenkara USA Ito.

The Sato starts at 10 feet 8 inches (330 cm), a mid-length of 11 feet 10 inches (360 cm) and maxing at 12 feet 9 inches (390 cm). The rod weighs in at a whopping 2.6 oz (73.7 g) keeping weight to a minimum.

Holding the Sato is one of the most amazing experiences that any angler can have. The rod is responsive to even the most gentle adjustment. Yet it has the power to throw a line accurately and with the grace of an eagle in flight. Watching the kebari tied to the end of the line drift gently onto the water was a complete pleasure.

The backbone that built into the Sato is amazing, allowing it to hold even the hardest fighting fish. Daniel Galhardo and his team of beta-testers put a ton of time into a great offering.

Casting the Sato

The crispness of the forward and back casts were truly amazing. At a length of 10 feet 8 inches, the rod was extremely comfortable to cast and also well balanced. I was amazed by how gently the fly was presented to a fish by this rod.

At 11 feet 10 inches I fell in love with the silkiness of the forward and back casts. The sensations that traveled the length of the rod into the cork grip was a pleasurable experience. Anglers look behind them to watch the line load the rod tip in preparation for the forward cast. With the Sato, it felt as though the rod was whispering directly into my ear for the forward cast.

At the maximum length of 12 feet 9 inches, the Sato shined like a beacon in the night. With a single gentle move of my arm the line lifted from the ground. The line lifted silently from the ground and proceeded to extend behind the rod loading the rod tip for the most graceful, beautiful forward cast I have seen. The kebari appeared to drift on the air, settling out in front of me with the line fully extended.

With the first cast at 12 feet 9 inches I knew without a doubt that I had finally found the Tenkara rod I had been searching for. I knew within that cast that the Tenkara USA Ito would fade into second or third place as my rod of choice for any given day of fishing.

To Buy or Not to Buy

In conclusion, if you are looking to get into Tenkara or have been practicing Tenkara for some time, it would behoove you to not purchase the Tenkara USA Sato.  With a price point of $215 you cannot go wrong with a purchase of the Tenkara USA Sato Set.

I am confident in my assessment of this rod and would highly recommend the Sato to a beginning tenkara angler or a more experienced tenkara angler.

Oh, and one final thing:

Buy a Tenkara USA Sato Set!!!


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