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July 1, 2013 Bear Creek Colorado Trip Report

July 1, 2013 Bear Creek Colorado Trip Report

by July 3, 2013 1 comment

It always amazes how quickly time goes by in the world. And it always amazes me how we each go through gentle changes as time passes and we meet new people. One year ago, the most beautiful woman in the whole world, Elizabeth Flores, married my ugly mug! And before those of you who know me say anything, yes she must be crazy to want to be around me all the time.

Elizabeth Flores, The Most Gorgeous Woman In The World
TenkaraGrasshopper, A rather scary mug shot

The day that we married was by far one of the best days of my life. And every day since then has been a banner day of enjoyment for both of us, or at least me, minus the health scare days obviously. The day was not just about getting married in our opinions. It was also about being close to good friends and family and the craziness that goes along with all of those individuals.

After getting married Elizabeth molded her life around my fishing addiction. God bless her for that fact and the fact that most of my fishing buddies don’t scare her too much. Now as time goes on she is becoming more accepting of my passion for my Tenkara endeavors.

So, since I had the chance the day of our anniversary this year to go fishing I decided to run up to Bear Creek and see what I could do. Geared up with my TenkaraUSA Ito and a matching TenkaraUSA level line I decided to explore from one end to the other or as much as I could cover in one day of walking and fishing. Surprisingly and pleasurably I covered far more water than I had expected. And the bugs were coming off the water in droves.

That being said I did take my Ishigaki kebari off and throw on a dry fly and started casting to every little pocket and run that I could find. And the fish were rising to more than a few small mayflies. And with the water flowing at 21 cfs the little guys were hitting fast and hard.

I found one little pool that I felt pretty confident held some fish and lo’ and behold I caught this little guy. And I have to admit that he had some guns on him and he really ran hard and gave me a good fight.

Great little fish Caught on a Tenkara Rod

To make everything even better I moved upriver no more that ten feet and hooked into by far the biggest fish that I have ever caught on Bear Creek. After a bit of an interesting fight I landed him and had to get the picture. I know my grasp on the fish does not really look right but he was so feisty that it really required both hands to control him.

TenkaraGrasshopper and a fat little fish.

I had a great time on the river even though I only caught two fish. But what a great way to spend a day alone and relaxing. I then headed back down the hill and met my love for dinner and a movie.

Life is good and I know there are plenty more days to come that I will remember. And I promise that I will be posting plenty more trip reviews. The weekend of the 4th will be another trip that I am looking forward to going on and I will return with a trip post after that as well.

Until then, Tight lines to you all!

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  1. The NOCO Nympher
    #1 The NOCO Nympher 12 July, 2013, 00:29

    Sounds like an amazing day! Thanks for sharing and look forward to your next trip!

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