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TenkaraGrasshopper and the “Squirell Factor”

As the weather cools down and the world starts to look more towards the home and family with the holidays just around the corner, there seems to be more time for introspection that occurs at the same time. I have been seeing this going on with many of my friends as well as a number of the amazing tenkara blogs that are currently running at this time.

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Tenkara Tips from a Tenkara Guide: A New Series of Posts

With all the tenkara trips we are currently guiding we have noticed a few things and we decided that we wanted to address them here on TenkaraGrasshopper.com. While our guides are out on the water we notice that we seem to get the same questions over and over again, all good questions mind you, yet still the same questions. Because of this we will be running a series of posts over the coming weeks and months which hopefully will answer these common questions in a manner acceptable to all.

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