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Tenkara Epiphanies: A Guest Post

The following was an email that I recieved from Jack Bombardier of Confluence Casting. I found this very interesting and asked if he would be willing to do this as a guest post. Luckily, for all of you, he said yes! Enjoy to your hearts content.

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“One fly… Or not to one fly…. That is the question…..”,

This first thing I remember in my life was the smell of bacon at a camp site. I started my first year of life on a fishing trip through Canada. We camped and fished a lot when I was young.

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What attracts me to Tenkara by Kevin Fricke A Guest Post

What I love about Tenkara the most is how simple a system for fishing it is.  For a novice like myself it could not have been easier to pick up and learn how to cast.  This is coming from someone

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