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Tenkara and Gratitude: A Letter in a Slightly Different Format

What follows is a letter that I wrote to a number of different people. Some of it might get a little mushy in spots, and I will warn you, but I only ask that you read the complete letter. I

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Environmental Apocalypse! The Failure Of Our Federal Government

Note: Normally, as the Head Blogger of TenkaraGrasshopper.com, I try and stay as apolitical as humanly possible with all my posts. But now that the asshats who are doing their best to destroy our country from the top down, have

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Blogger Etiquette at Trade/Sportmans Shows

Chris Hunt, the Director of Communications for Trout Unlimited and the owner of EatMoreBrookTrout, brought up a very interesting question recently on a Google+ fly fishing group. And having thought about it for a little while I think it is

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