Tenkara-holics Anonynmous

“My name is Graham Moran and I am Tenkara-holic!!! I eat, sleep and breathe tenkara! And I have lost track of how many days I have been fishing tenkara!!!”

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Tenkara Epiphanies: A Guest Post

The following was an email that I recieved from Jack Bombardier of Confluence Casting. I found this very interesting and asked if he would be willing to do this as a guest post. Luckily, for all of you, he said yes! Enjoy to your hearts content.

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Revisiting the Tenkara “One Fly” Concept

When I adopted tenkara as a viable method of fly fishing I quickly jumped on the “One Fly” Express because that is how it was done traditionally in Japan and how it was introduced into the United States (at least in my little realm of reality!) I tried this fly choice method for a period of time, yet I lacked the discipline or patience to truly learn how to properly present a tenkara fly to a fish and get it to eat my fly.

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