Daniel Galhardo and the “One Fly” concept

So, Graham has finally taken off on his honeymoon and is reportedly away from civilization – no computer, no internet…just candles and cold water, I imagine. But, he didn’t want to leave his readers completely away from content, so before

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What attracts me to Tenkara by Kevin Fricke A Guest Post

What I love about Tenkara the most is how simple a system for fishing it is.  For a novice like myself it could not have been easier to pick up and learn how to cast.  This is coming from someone

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An Introduction to Tenkara Fishing A Welcome

First off, welcome to the wonderful world of Tenkara. You are about to enter into an experience like no other.But, be forewarned, you may be thinking that you want to start a new hobby. It will start as a hobby

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